Spark* is weird, compared to most agencies.

For one, we appreciate the value of your time, and we won’t waste it. Everything, from our fee structure to our scalability, is designed to provide the maximum impact for our client.


Average engagement: +1000% ROI.

Every agency will tell you that the decisions they’re making will drive sales; we can prove it. The typical Spark* engagement nets upwards of 1000% of top-line growth for our clients.

What the *?

Our mark includes the asterisk not only as a design element, but as a smart, simple way to deliver our proof points.

Typically, what follows an asterisk is a list of excuses, cautions, omissions, disclaimers and reasons why something won’t work. In this instance, it’s just the opposite.

Following the Spark asterisk, our truths. Direct, refreshingly honest and nothing-to-hide statements that prove we do what we say we will. Our candid, smart, not-agency-elite-ish approach stands out.


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