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Provide Creative for Multiple Large Screens at The Sahara AZILO Pool Deck for The Genie Company

The International Door Association (IDA) Show is a premier event for garage door and opener professionals. This year, the event took place at the iconic Sahara pool deck in Las Vegas, requiring a visually stunning and cohesive display across multiple large screens. This case study explores the journey from conceptualization to execution, highlighting the challenges and successes in creating an unforgettable visual experience for attendees.



We had several meetings with Sahara Las Vegas staff to understand lighting, layout and challenges of the space. Working in collaboration with the on site team was crucial to our project success.

Problem: Conveying a impactful presentation that not only represented the Genie brand & told a story, but worked accross three screens.

Venue Constraints: The expansive pool deck at the Sahara presented unique challenges. For instance, the varying ambient lighting conditions posed a significant hurdle in maintaining consistent visual quality. The reflective surfaces of the pool and surrounding structures also required careful consideration to avoid unwanted glare. Additionally, the complex architectural elements, such as pillars and staircases, necessitated strategic screen placement to ensure optimal visibility. 

Screen Coordination: Ensuring synchronization and cohesion of content displayed across multiple large screens in different pool deck areas. The AZILO Ultra pool Deck offers three screens spanning over 29,225 sq. ft. that all had to work together. The main LED wall is approximately 240’x40’ and is one of the largest to feature a private setting on The Strip in Las Vegas. Coordinating the graphics to work on multiple screens to tell a cohesive story seamlessly was a challenge we were excited to take on. 

Content Creation: Developing high-resolution, engaging content that reflects the Genie Professional Line brand and resonates with the event's audience. In addition to branding content, we were required to feature the announcement of special guest Marshall Faulk, Pro football hall of famer, with limited creative assets to complete this task. 

Strategy & Execution: Create a dynamic video sequence to engage guests.

Site Survey and Planning-The project commenced with a comprehensive site survey to understand the layout, lighting conditions, and screen placements. The team met with the Sahara Las Vegas representatives remotely to meticulously map out the screen locations, considering distances and angles to ensure maximum visibility from various vantage points around the pool deck.

Creative Development-The creative team focused on crafting visually stunning content that was thematically aligned with the IDA Show while resonating with The Genie Company guests. 

Key considerations included:

  • Resolution and Aspect Ratios: Creating high-resolution content appropriately formatted for the different screen sizes and shapes.
  • Brand Consistency: Integrating consistent branding elements across all visual content to reinforce The Genie Company's identity.
  • Engagement: Incorporating dynamic elements such as animations, brand highlights, and video to keep the audience engaged.

Content Synchronization-Ensuring synchronized content across all screens was a critical aspect of the project. The team employed advanced media servers and synchronization software to achieve perfect timing and smooth transitions. Regular testing and fine-tuning were conducted to guarantee flawless execution.

 Rehearsals and Adjustments-Rehearsals were essential to identify and resolve any potential issues. This included adjusting brightness and contrast levels for changing lighting conditions throughout the day and night. Feedback from event organizers and technical staff was instrumental in these adjustments. For instance, their suggestion to increase the contrast and decrease background brightness significantly improved the visibility of the content. This iterative process of testing, feedback, and adjustment was crucial in enhancing the overall presentation.


Result: Delivered 7 unique video sequences to make the event a splash!

The Genie Company IDA show party at the AZILO Ultra Pool Deck was a resounding success. The synchronized content across multiple large screens using 7 distinct sequences created an immersive and visually captivating experience for attendees. The high-quality displays elevated the event atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Key Takeaways

Meticulous Planning: Detailed site surveys and thorough planning are essential for managing complex venues and multiple screens.

Creative Excellence: High-quality, engaging content is crucial for capturing and maintaining audience attention.

Technical Precision: Advanced synchronization tools and reliable technical setups ensure seamless content delivery.

Flexibility: Being prepared to adjust can significantly impact the success of an event.

Providing creative content for multiple large screens at the Sahara pool deck for The Genie Company at the IDA Show was challenging yet rewarding. Through meticulous planning, innovative content creation, and precise technical execution, the team delivered a visually captivating experience that set a new standard for future events. This case study reiterates the key takeaways, ensuring you feel informed and prepared for your own future events.


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