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The why

4 great reasons why your company should hire Spark Your Brand, Inc  rather than trying to manage your marketing efforts in-house

  • Brand, Design, Digital, Product Pages & A Plus Content, Attachments in the Planogram, End Caps, Navigation of your product in the Channel, Creating Packaging as a Merchandising Vehicle!

We have the batting average

1. Spark Your Brand, Inc. can hit a home run. 

If you are in business without the benefit of having an in-house marketing team, you may be tempted to use one of your employees to work on your business’ marketing materials. Before you do this, consider if re-assigning someone with little or no marketing experience will truly benefit your brand. If you are looking to build a winning brand image, be assured that your target audience may not notice nor remember the clipart brochure or cookie-cutter campaign. They will notice if you’ve hired an experienced outside agency like Spark Your Brand, Inc who has the batting average to position you for a grand slam in the marketplace. Spark Your Brand, Inc will take our experiences across multiple industries and successfully apply the best ideas (and more!) to your brand. We are in business to help you grow, and just like you, We love to succeed.


2. You’ll get more value.

Consider the tremendous amount of thought, research and time that goes into the rebranding, positioning and design process. If you assign an employee to this task, that person will need to pause their routine workload and learn the many facets of brand marketing, positioning, graphic design, social media strategy, digital strategy, email campaigns, copywriting, ad placement, storyboarding, video production and more. Not only is your staff not getting their traditional job done, but what they will produce may not even be professional enough. Don’t lower your standards in hopes of saving a few dollars today. Spark Your Brand, Inc devote most of their waking hours to successful marketing partnerships. Spark Your Brand, Inc. can work within your budget to help you make a significant splash. It will save you time and money, and your reputation is counting on it.


3. Spark Your Brand, Inc. has the teamwork thing down.

When you hire Spark Your Brand, Inc , you’re not just hiring a single graphic designer, programmer, user interface expert, brand strategist, researcher, copywriter or project manager. With our relationship, you are adopting an entire team that will consult with you and become an extension of your company, complete with a variety of creative and analytical skill sets. This team will collaborate with you in bringing fresh ideas and solutions based on your vision and current market evaluations. We know what to do and we will do it well. Our well-rounded team will be able to effectively lead your company through the marketing and design process and you won’t have to scramble researching for experts in each of these areas on your own.


4. Spark Your Brand, Inc. can objectively help define your messaging.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. When you’re so close to managing the ins and outs of your business operations, it can be a strain to ask the critical questions and gain a clear understanding of your audience’s needs. Who are your key audiences? Is it clear to each audience what solutions you bring to the table for them? Why should they trust and engage with your company? Working with Spark Your Brand, Inc  is a great way to balance company ideas with a dose of outside perspective and assure the best possible position for your company’s growth.

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